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M10 (H2) – 3 POLE (QUANTITY 16)


M16 (H1) – 3POLE (QUANTITY 6)
M16 (H2) – 3 POLE (QUANTITY 1)
M16 (N1) – 3 POLE (QUANTITY 1)
M16 (H1) – 4POLE (QUANTITY 7)
M16 (HF) – 4 POLE (QUANTITY 1)

M20 (H1) – 3POLE (QUANTITY 10)
M20 (H1)– 4POLE (QUANTITY 21)

M25 (H1) – 3POLE (QUANTITY 4)
M25 (H2) – 3POLE (QUANTITY 4)
M25 (H1) – 4POLE (QUANTITY 2)
M25 (H2) – 4POLE (QUANTITY 1)

M32 (H1) – 3POLE (QUANTITY 7)

M40 (HF) – 4 POLE (QUANTITY 1)
M40 (H2) – 3 POLE (QUANTITY 7)

M63 (H1) -3 POLE (QUANTITY 1)

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The Masterpact M circuit breaker protects and controls low voltage distribution systems.

First introduced by Merlin Gerin in 1986, it is estimated that several thousand Masterpact M units are still in use around the world. Our specialists at PS Electrical have personally serviced more than 1,000 Masterpact M units and we repair, replace and support several hundred Masterpact M units every year.

It is no longer supported by the OEM, Schneider Electric, such support having been discontinued in early 2014

Following the withdrawal of support by Schneider, we are the only ACB specialists to offer the option to extend the life of a Masterpact M units by replacing individual coil & motors.

We supply and fit replacements for ALL Masterpact M unit parts, including:

– complete refurbished Masterpact M ACBs in all frame sizes, both 3 and 4 pole
– the best STR relay replacement unit available, with wireless communication option
– patented individual coil & motor replacement.

We export Masterpact M parts around the world and are happy to provide guidance on installation by your local electrician.

Masterpact M Features

  • Nominal current:
    800 to 6300A A
  • Breaking capacity
    from 40 to 150 kA rms
  • Voltage rating: up to 690 V
  • 3 and 4-pole versions
  • Fixed or drawout versions