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Six to 12 week lead time on ‘plug & play’ retrofit NW solution for Masterpact M

We are aware that one solution being offered to the repair or replacement of Masterpact M air circuit breakers, is the installation of a new but adapted Masterpact NW unit. We’re not recommending this to our customers for two reasons:

1) Six to twelve week lead time

First, because the current lead time on the adapted NW units means that, in the event of an ACB blowing, any system which relies upon the ACB in question will probably be out of action for around two months.

2) Why replace with such an ageing product?

Secondly, if you are going to go the the expense of a brand new ACB (instead of repairing your existing M, or replacing it with a refurbished unit), we’d recommend something much more up-to-date than the NW. The M was produced for some sixteen or seventeen years, from 1986. Next year, the NW turns fifteen. How long before it, too, is replaced?

We are able to upgrade and extend the viability of Masterpact M units indefinitely, enabling you to wait until a broader switchgear update – including the most modern ACBs – makes sense.


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