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Some restrictions on site visits. Please call and we shall do all we can to help.
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We operate a 24/7 emergency call out service in support of air circuit breakers. If you're experiencing problems please call us directly

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No, the faulty STR protection device can be replaced with either the Amp Safe Pro.
Yes, the protection device fits all Masterpact M and MP devices, both fixed pattern and withdrawable.
No, the replacement protection devices are programmable to suit all frame sizes from 800A to 6300A, therfore only one spare unit needs to be held and this will cover the complete range.
Yes but allowing for skill levels the options are :
a) PSE will train your electrician and he will become accredited.
b) PSE will set up the new protection devices for you based on the current protection settings, these will be tested on breakers in our works and shipped to you ready to install, complete with test documentation.
c) PSE will supply an engineer who will install and test the units in situ on your premises.
Yes PSE operate both planned maintenance services and call out facilities.
Yes. PSE hold a full range of new operating coils and charge motors in all voltage ranges, coupled with
main pole replacement and new current transformers.
Yes. Wireless communications are available from the Amp Safe Pro. This protection unit also offers full power metering including Kw, Kvar, Volts, Amps and Powerfactor as well as load-shedding capability.
The Amp Safe Pro and Pro Plus are fully CE and UL certified,the Amp Safe product line has been independently tested and proven to meet all required standards as well has having 100%STR emulation capability without of course the nuisance tripping problem of the old STR units.