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ETC‐12Q Failed DINF Tests

The ETC‐12Q is manufactured and marketed by ETC Technologies of Milford Connecticut, USA. ETC Technologies is associated with Satin American of Shelton Connecticut and RESA Power of Houston Texas. What is DINF and why is it important DINF is a “breaker protection function” that must be provided by the trip unit on the breaker. It […]


Points to consider

Is your installation really safe to operate in its current condition?

Will the protection devices on your ACB’s operate correctly in the event of a fault condition?

Can your business afford to shutdown for prolonged periods whilst new equipment is sourced and installed?

Is your operation relying on obsolete breakers which you carry no spares for ?if so the simple failure of a open or close coil or motor charge unit will have serious consequences for your business.

Ask yourself how you would explain catastrophic failure of your circuit breakers when the business suffers severe consequences and could such events threaten your job security?

Are you carrying the necessary spares to keep your power infrastructure online with minimal disruption?

Failure to maintain electrical power equipment can have a negative bearing on your insurance.